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Vegitable Pakora
Pieces of vegitables mixed together and fried in vegitable oil
Paneer Pakora
Marinated pieces of paneer fried in vegitable oil
Pani Puri
Chickpeas and potatoes served with hollowshells and savory water
$4.49 Raita
Natural yogurt with bundi
Bhel Puri
Mixed with special homemade special sauce
$4.49 Chat Papari
Savory Potatoes with chickpeas, served on a bed of crunchy shells with tamarind sauce and yougurt
Channa Bhatoora
Fried pastry served with chickpeas
$4.99 Aloo Tikki
Made with potatoes and authentic spices
Dahi Bhalla
Urd patties, served in homemade yogurt
$4.49 Channa Samosa
Chickpease mixed samosa served with authentic tangy sauce
Tikki Channa
Stuffed potatoes served with channa
Saturday Special (12-4PM)
Makki Dee Roti Sarson Da Saag $5.99
Special Thali
Veg Thali $7.49
Nonveg Thali $8.49
Vegitarian Cuisine
Began Bhartha
Mashed Egg plant with spic
$6.99 Aloo Began
Cooked in delicious homemade sauce
Kadhi Pakoda $5.49 Channa
Cooked in delicious homemade sauce
Cooked in delicious blended sauce
$5.49 Alu Gobi
Cauliflower and potatoes, simmered in a delectable sauce
Shahi Paneer
Fresh cottage cheese, simmered in a creamed tomato gravy
$6.49 Mattar Paneer
Pease and paneer,cooked in a delicious blend of tomato
Malai Kofta
Fresh cottage cheese balls served in creamy tomato gravy
$5.49 Palak Paneer
Fresh spinach cooked with true pujabi tradition
Mix Veg
Fresh vegitables coooked with true punjabi tradition
$5.49 Bhindi/Masala
Fresh okra cooked with true punjabi tradition
Karahi Paneer
Cheese in onion tomato curie
Meat Dishes
Goat Curry
Cooked in tradition tomato, onion, ginger, ground spices and curry
$6.49 Goat Karahi
Tender piece of goat meat, cooked to perfection in a speciality prepared sauce
Goat Saag
Tender pieces of goat meat, cooked with spinach
$6.99 Kashmiri Rogan Josh
Lamb cubes, cooked in a traditional Kashmiri masala with saffron and yogurt
Lamb Saag
Chicken Dishes
Butter Chicken
Boneless chicken pieces, simmered in a creamed tomato gravy with subtle flavor of coriander
$6.99 Chicken Tikka Masala
Chicken tikka pieces, cooked in shahi masala
Chicken Curry
Simple traditional tomato, onion, ginger, curry
$5.99 Chicken Karahi
Pieces of chicken, cooked with onion, tomatoes, and green papers, combined in a testy sauce
Chicken Saag
Pieces of chickens, cooked with fresh spinach and spices
$6.99 Chicken Vindaloo
Boneless Chicken in spicy sauce
Chicken Tikka with Naan
Boneless chicken pieces, marinated in yogurt and spices
$7.99 1/2 Tandoori Chicken & Naan
Spring chicken, marinated in yogurt, garlic, ginger and fresh ground spices, roated to perfection
Tikka Rolls
$5.99 Seekh Kebab and Naan
Fresh minced meat, marinated in ground pieces and served with naan
Kabab Rolls
Roti / Breads
Naan $1.49 Garlic Naan $1.99
Tandoori Roti $1.00 Lacha Paratha $2.99
Onion Kulcha
$3.99 Alu Paratha
Paneer Kulcha
$3.99 Tava Roti
$1.00 Bhatura
Chicken Biryani
Pieces of chicken mixed with rice
$7.99 Lamb Biryani
Tendor pieces of boneless lamb meat mixed with rice
Goat Biryani
Pieces of goat meat, mixed with rice
$7.99 Vegitable Biryani
Vegetables mixed with rice
Steamed Rice
Milk Cake & Kajuburfi
$7.99/LB Burfi Mix $7.99/LB
Mixed Sweet $7.99/LB Ladoo Boondi $3.99/LB
Jalebi $3.99/LB Ladoo Moti Chour $5.99/LB
Rasmalai $1.25 Rasagula $1.25
Gulabjamun $1.25 Kulfi $2.00
Lassi $3.49